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Golf, Roma, Ryder Cup 2023 - this weekend - today, 'All star match' with Carlos Sainz, Djocovich, Bahle, etc.
Golf, Finca Cortesin, Spain: Solheim Cup 2023 - HRH King Felipe VI. celebrates the European winner team !
Golf, La Zagaleta, Spain: PING Junior Solheim Cup 2023 - Team Europe defended their crown first time in history !
Sailing: ICONIC America's Cup Trophy - a 174 years history - 37th.AC.Barcelona 2023/24
1. Pre-Regatta: September 23 SPAIN
2. Pre-Regatta: December 23 SAUDI ARABIA
37th America's Cup 2024, "Vilanova i La Geltrú / Spain, 1.Preliminary Regatta WINNER - Team 'NYYC American Magic' ! 2. Emirates New Zealand, 3. French OrientExpress Racing !
Team NYYC American Magic 37th AC 2024 I 1. Pre-Regatta Vilanova:
Mike Cazer, CEO NYYC American Magic, Team Principle Terry Hutchinson, Coach Tom Burnham
Tom Slingsby, Paul Goodison, Riley Gibbs, and Michael Menninger
F1 GP Singapore - Carlos Sainz - FERRARI race WINNER !
ICONIC 37th America's Cup - a 174 years history - Barcelona 2023/2024 - First Pre-Regatta kick's off - difficult weather conditions, french Team Orient Express Racing leading after day 1 - today Final Match race at 16.55 pm
Leader after day 1 - French Team OrientExpress Racing Team !
6 top Teams: AlinghiRedBlull Racing - American Magic - INEOS Britannia - LunaRossa Prada Pirelli Challenge - OrientExpress RacingTeam - Emirates NewZealand
ESPAÑA Campeón de Europa 2023 !
Luis Domecq
Polo: FIP XIV European Championship 2023 - Congratulations - Enhorabuena ESPAÑA Campeón de Europa 2023 !
FIA F1, Italian GP - ICONIC Monza - ! Home of FERRARI - Congratulations 1. Max Verstappen, Sergio Perez, Carlos Sainz ->.NEXT.stop.SINGAPORE
Polo UK: Autum Nations Cup - 15 top Teams - 12goals hc - semifinals are set ! Mount.Loftus.vs.FourQuartersOrange Asian.Art.vs.FourQuartersBlack
Ladies Polo UK: Congratulations Charity Match Winner Team 'Clé de Peau Beauté ' ! GUARDs s Ladies Charity Tournament 2023
Ladies POLO: ICONIC Guards Ladies Charity Polo Trophy 2023 - Sponsored by Clé de Peau Beauté - ! BestPlayingPony awarded to Mindi Byrne's Pirata
Ladies Polo UK: Congratulations Winner Team 'VIKINGs' ! Clé de Peau Beauté GUARDs s Ladies Charity Tournament 2023
Sailing: ICONIC America's Cup Trophy - 37th AC Barcelona SPAIN 2023/2024
Sailing: 37th AC Barcelona - training - countdown to first Pre-regatta SPAIN is on 14.-17.9.2023
Sailing: 37th AC BCN - first Pre-Regatta 14.-17.9.2023 SPAIN !
Polo UK, Guards Polo Club : Max Singhoffs ' M-Polo Team WINNER of the Duke of Cornwall's Trophy 2023 !
FIA F1, race#13 2023: Rolex DutchGP ! Max.Verstappen, race winner - incredible proud - after caos race !
Polo UK: Beautiful Horsepower at Guards Polo Club - M-Polo Team WINNER, Duke of Cornwall's Trophy ! Next to Watch: Clé.de.Peau.Beauté LADIES Charity Trophy ; Autumn Nations Cup, etc !
FIA F1, race#13 2023: Rolex Dutch GP - Charles.Leclerc Ferrari crash at qualifying !
FIA F1, race#13 2023: Rolex Dutch GP this weekend ! Qualifying.All.Teams.Reactions
FIA F1, race#13 2023: Rolex Dutch GP ! Max.Verstappen Pole Position - following a dramatic wet - dry qualifying today
High Goal Polo UK: ICONIC polo day - Talacrest Classic FERRARI - Prince of Wales Trophy 2023 - Guards Polo Club, Winner Team Monterosso !
-> next Guards Polo Club Tournaments kicked off August/Sept 2023 :
***** Duke of Cornwall' s Trophy - 16 goals - top Teams
***** Clé de peau Beauté' Ladies Charity Polo - 12-16 goals - top Teams
Polo UK: Guards Polo Club - Duke of Wellington Trophy WINNER Team Yaguara defeating KingPower in the EPIC Final
NGpoloTV: Interview, Business talk with Antony Fanshawe, Polo Director since 2015 - Guards.Polo.Club - Windsor, UK
NGpoloTV: Interview - Business Talk - Rashid Albwardi, Finalist Gold Cup Grand-Slam UK AND Finalist Gold Cup Spain, Sotogrande
NGpoloTV: Interview, Business talk with GARVY BEH - first ever Asian Polo Player to play in the Commonwealth Team
NGpoloTV: Interview, Lukin Monteverde - WINNER Gold Cup Grand-Slam UK - UAE.Polo.Team
High Goal Polo UK: ICONIC polo day at Guards Polo Club - Withbreath Trophy winner: # nextGen 'Young England' team vs. Commonwealth
High Goal Polo UK: ICONIC polo day - The King 's Coronation Cup 2023 - established 1911 - winner : Team ENGLAND !
Tommy Beresford - Max Charlton - Ollie Cudmore - James Beim
High Goal Polo UK: ICONIC polo day - The King 's Coronation Cup 2023 - established 1911 - amazing HorsePower both Teams !
Best Playing polo Pony Award - Team England,
TEDDY, Tommy Beresford
High Goal Polo UK: ICONIC polo day - The King 's Coronation Cup 2023 - established 1911 - AMAZING Team Commonwealth !
Garvy Beh, J Clarkin, Chris Mackenzieh, Captain Fred Mannix
- Most Valuable Player: Chris Mackenzieh
- BPP: BIENTO, from Chris Mackenzieh
- Garvy Beh, representing Malaysia, made HISTORY - first ever ASIAN who was invited to play the ICONIC King's Coronation CUP
Tennis: Dreams - Never give up, follow your dream - Congratulations Hamburg.European.OPEN winner 2023 Alexander Zverev ! 'Ein.Kindheitstraum.wird.wahr'
Tennis: #flashback Summer Olympics Tokyo 20/21 - German.Alexander.Zverev wins Gold Medall - Olympic Champion !
Sailing - 37th AC BCN: - INEOS Britannia AC40 ‘Athena’ in Spain preparing for first Preliminary Regatta of the ICONIC America's Cup 2023/24
-> 6 TOP male Teams
-> 12 TOP female Teams
-> 12 TOP Youth Teams
Gourmet: happy 50th Birthday to ICONIC Michelin-starred celebrity Chef Tom Kerridge - Lush by Tom Kerridge ICONIC.Guards.Polo.Club.Hospitality - F1 Monaco Yachts - F1.Silverstone - Top Art Galleries UK - HARRODS - MARLOW ..
Some of Tom’s achievements over the past decade or so:
two Michelin stars, six books, a number of television series and he’s even received an MBE from the Queen!
Sailing - 37th AC BCN: - Alighi RedBull Racing in Barcelona with MAX Verstappen preparing ICONIC America's Cup 2023/24
-> 6 TOP male Teams
-> 12 TOP female Teams
-> 12 TOP Youth Teams
UK - Polo Ladies British OPEN high goal CHAMPIONS - KING.POWER - !
Ploy Bhinsaeng 2, Lia Salvo 8, Catalina Lavinia 6, Sarah Wiseman 6 = 22 goals
FIA F1 Worldchampionship - Hottest race of the year - Hungarian.GP ! Congratulations Max Verstappen - Lando Norris - Sergio Perez ! Lewis Hamilton 4th
UK - Polo Grand Slam: CONGRATs HRH Sheika Maika - UAE PoloTeam (HRH Sheika Maikha/Kayley Maria Smith, Tommy Beresford, Barto Castagnola, Lukin Monteverde), WINNER 2023 Cowdray Gold.Cup, British Open High Goal Polo Championship !
UAE Polo Team defeating DUBAI Polo Team 12 vs 11
- last second of the game - !
UK - Polo Grand Slam: CONGRATs Dubai, Finalist 2023 Cowdray Gold Cup and Marques de Riscal for an Impressive Performance!
UK - Tennis Grand Slam: CONGRATs Carlos Alcaraz WIMBLEDON Champion 2023!
UK - Polo Grand Slam: CONGRATs UAE, Finalist 2023 Cowdray Gold Cup and Park Place playing SemiFinals!
FRANCE - Mode-Fashion-Savoir Faire, VALENTINO - Haute Couture F/ W 2023/24 PARIS
FRANCE - Mode-Fashion-Savoir Faire, DIOR - Haute Couture F/ W 2023/24 PARIS
FRANCE - Mode-Fashion-Savoir Faire, VALENTINO - Haute Couture F/ W 2023/24 PARIS
Ladie FIP European Championship 2023 - Final Germany vs. Italy !
Polo - Ladies IV FIP Polo Championship 2023, Punta Ala Polo Club ITALY - winner TEAM Germany ! Congratulations - @malu.haupt - @eva_bruehl - @sveni_hoelty
with FIP President Dr. Piero Dillier
POLO - Silver winner, Team ITALY - FIP European Polo Championship 2023
UK - POLO Grand Slam: First SEMI FINALISTs Cowdray GOLD CUP - and DUBAI !
Strong Performance SemiFinalist TEAM Marques de Riscal, defeating La Magdelaine !
(Alejandro Aznar, Sapo Caset, Santi Cernadas, Chris Mackenzieh)
UK- Grand Slam weekend ! Polo + Tennis
Tennis: Wimbleon FINAL !
Alcaraz vs Djovocic

Polo: GoldCup Cowdray !
Marques de Riscal + Dubai first SemiFinalists !
UK - Tennis Grand Slam: FINAL Wimbledon - ALCARAZ vs. DJOKOVIC !
Charity POLO Windsor: HRH Princess Kate supporting HRH Prince William and the Out-Sourcing Inc. Royal.Charity.Polo.Cup.2023 !
HRH Prince William - supporting the Royal Charity Polo Cup, scoring two goals for his winning Team 'US Polo Association' !
Guards Polo Club - Castle Ground
Polo Windsor - Beautiful HRH Princess Kate and powerful playing HRH Prince William helped to raise over 1 mio Pounds for Charities
POLO UK: Guards Polo Club MOST historic tournament SUPPORTED by HRH Prince Edward - Out-Sourcing ROYALWINDSOR CUP !
CONGRATULATIONS WINNER: Team Four Quarters Orange defeated Finalist.Team.Dubai
ICONIC UK Events:Tennis Grand Slam, Wimbledon -- Guards Polo Club, Royal Windsor Cup -- British Open, Polo Gold Cup Grand Slam, Cowdray PPC
Mode Design: Haute Couture PARIS - FW 23/24 - Christian.DIOR -
savoir - faire
UK POLO Windsor: ICONIC Castle Ground - Guards Polo Club - Windsor Castle view - Nature Matters - Horselover - Savoir.Faire
Polo UK: ICONIC Cartier Queen's Cup - top 5 goals week 1
Polo UK: ICONIC Cartier Queen's Cup - top 5 goals week 3
Polo UK: ICONIC Cartier Queen's Cup - top 5 goals week 2
High goal POLO UK: ICONIC Cartier QUEEN's Cup WINNER 2023 - L'equipe MURUS SANCTUS defeats 'La Magdelaine' - Congratulations !!
17 world's finest Teams competing- 22 goals - 3 weeks, every day, 43 games-
1 WINNER 'Les Bleu' : l' Equipe Murus Santus de Corine Ricard; avec Alejandro Muzzio, Polito Pieres, Marcus Araya !!
AMAZING Price Giving Ceremony with Guards Polo Club Chairman Lt. Col. Sean Dwyer and CartierMD UK Mr Laurent Feniou, the Royal Guard and thousands of Spectators at Guards Polo Club, Windsor and online PoloCam LifePOLOtv. Subfinal: 1. Vikings, 2. Twelve Oaks
ARTS: ART Basel BASEL, Important SALES, high quality Art Works, top 248 Art Galleries and over 80.000 guests !
High Goal POLO Windsor - Finals reached- CARTIER Queen ' s CUP 2023: Congrats MURUS SANCTUS deafeating King Power Polo team
NGpoloTV Interview 'Corinne.Ricard' - Patron 'Murus.Sanctus' Polo Team
High Goal POLO Windsor - Finals reached- CARTIER Queen ' s CUP 2023: Congrats La Magdelaine deafeating UAE Polo team
High Goal POLO UK, ICONIC Cartier Queen¨s Cup - 10.6. and 11.6.2023 Quarter-Final ¡!
Tennis Grand Slam: Roland.Garros - FINAL! Ruud vs Djokovic
Showjumping, GCL: CSI 5¨ CANNES - Deutscher Reiter Top, Riesenbeck Intern gewinnt CANNES GCL
Tennis Grand Slam: French Open Roland.Garros - Semifinals are set ! Zverev.vs.Ruud; Alcaraz.vs.Djokovic 9.6.2023
Cruises Blue Economy: CUNARDs new Queen Anne ¡!
Showjumping, GCL: CSI 5¨ Saint Tropez - Madrid in Motion LEADER of the Championship, following Podium Saint.Tropez . Edu Aznar FASTEST ever ¡!
POLO UK: ICONIC Cartier Queens Cup - fights to qualify for Quarter Finals continue! Status.7.6. top ten Scorers
Winning teams day 10, 11 and 12:, UAE, Park.Place, King Power; La.Magdelaine, Murus.Sanctus, Twelve.Oaks
FIA F 1: BCN Spanish GP: Mercedes back on the Podium ! Verstappen WINs Spanish GP
Formula 1: Spanish GP 3.-4.6.2023, Fernando Alonso, ASTON MARTIN celebrating magic home crowd
Qualy result: First pole position ever in SPAIN for Verstappen.
1. Red Bull, 2. Ferrari, 3. Mc Laren
Formula 1: ICONIC Monaco GP - Frontrow Verstappen/Alonso! First front row for Fernando Alonso since 16 years. => Race.Winner Verstappen, 2. Alonso, 3. Ocon !
Formula 1: ICONIC Monaco GP - Frontrow Verstappen / Alonso ¡!
POLO UK: ICONIC Cartier Queens Cup, Guards Polo Club kicked off this week 23.5.-18.6. 2023. 17 of the finest and world¨s most competitive teams and horses, 22 goals ! Day.4.results.Winning.Teams : Scone, Black Bears, UAE; ALL.results.HERE
FILM/ Arts: ICONIC 36th Cannes Filmfestival 2023 - New Jury President: Ruben Oestlund 'Triangle of Sadness' Palme d' Or winner'
Ruben Oestlund, exclusive NGartsTV Interview
Ruben Oestland, new 36th Cannes Filmfestival Jury Director, famous 'Triangle of Sadness' Movie
Music: Eurovision 2023 Liverpool ¡!, full show. Congratulations.winner.SWEDEN !
LOVE matters every DAY Happy.MutterTAG ! Feliz.dia.MADRES
Showjumping: Eduardo Alvarez Aznar, Maikel van der Vleuten, Eric van der Vleuten: GCL MADRID 2023 -> - top rider, top horses - and 16 other TOP Teams competing
NEW 2nd spanish Event following MADRID 12.-14.5., announced for CASAS NOVAS, La Coruña July 2023 ¡!
Saltos: CSI5¨GCL ESPAÑA, Madrid 12.-14.5.2023 ! Entrevista Equipo ¨¨
H.M. King Charles III and Queen Camilla Coronation 06.05.2023 - first.impressions - beautiful and historic ceremony; global party, glamour and 2800.guests coronation ceremony + over 20.000 attending the Windsor.Castle.Coronation.Concert
H.M. King Charles III and Queen Camilla Coronation 06.05.2023 - Horselover.H.M.King.Charles.III favourite Family Sport: POLO, Guards Polo Club - Cartier Queen s Cup 24.May - 18.06.2023 - 17 world¨s finest Teams announced !
Sailing: 37th AC BCN - Blue.Economy !
Sustainability in SPAIN ’s Blue Economy at the heart of 37th AC
Polo Grand Slam: US Open 2023 - PARK Place the new CHAMPION defeating Valiente 12 vs.11 ¡!
Congratulations Hilario Ulloa, Andrey Borodin, Juan Britos, Jason Wates
Sailing: 37th AC Barcelona 2023/24 - Germany, Sweden and Australia confirm inscriptions ¡! 12.teams Youth AC + 12.teams LADIES AC confirmed
Emirates - New Zealand; Ineos Britannia - UK; NYYC American Magic - USA; Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli - Italia; Alinghi RedBull - Switzerland; OrientExpress - France;
Germany; Sweden; Australia; Netherlands; Spain; Canada
King Charles III Coronation procession - Music performances and Guestlist reveiled
POLO Grand Slam: Semifinals are set US.OPEN 19.4.2023 ! Pilot vs. Valiente; MAG vs. Park Place
foto: Park Place, Hilario Ulloa, 10 hc
Voiles - Sailing; Les Voiles de Saint Barth Richard Mille - LA 12ieme ÉDITION est PRÊTE - 16.-24.4.2023 -- et 600 marins engagés !
Saltos Springreiten: CSI5 GCL Miami.Beach.2023. Ganadores ¨¨: Maikel.van.der.Vleuten + Eduardo.Alvarez.Aznar !
great team - great horses - great rider
Showjumping: CSI5¨ GCL, Miami Beach 2023 - Congratulations WINNER team
Eduardo Alvarez Aznar + Maikel Van der Vleuten
Hoselover: CSI5¨ GCL, Miami Beach 2023 - WINNER team #MadridinMotion takes the LEAD ! ->next.stop.#3.MEXICO
1. Madrid in Motion;
2. Prague Lions, 3. Rome Gladiators
16 teams competing.
POLO España: IBERIAN Polo Tour 2023 Sotogrande - Barcelona - Madrid ¡!
-----------------------------FAMILY TIME---------------------------- Frohe.Ostern -- Feliz.Semana.Santa -- ¡Felices.Pascuas! -- Joyeuses.Pâques -- Happy.Eastern -- Buona.Pasqua -- Kaló.Páskha -- 嬉しいイースター -- Glad.Påsk -- God.påske -- E.ôlelo.mâlie
Snow & Winter & Gourmet : 2023 VERBIER -
Gourmet: new Restaurants - Green Stars MICHELIN: Apricity.London Crocadon.St.Mellion
King Charles III and Camilla Queen Consort received warm welcome in Berlin and Hamburg, first.state visit as a Monarch to Germany
Gourmet: new Restaurants - Green Stars MICHELIN: CULTURE.Falmouth Osip.Bruton
MIAMI, Tennis Masters 1000 - Carlos Alcaraz cae en semifinales ! Alcaraz.vs.Sinner.+ .Medvedev.vs.Kachanov
Tennis MIAMI: Masters 1000 - Semifinals are set ! Highlights.Quarter.Finals
HAMBURG: Start der Abschiedstournee von ICONIC Vicky.Leandros, Sie wurde GEFEIERT mit.Standing Ovations und Blumen in ausverkaufter ELFI.
ICONIC classic cars : Mercedes-Benz - Silver.Arrow 300 SLR Uhlenhaupt Coupe
ICONIC classic cars : Black Pearl, 1948 Jaguar
ICONIC classic cars : BMW Roadster 507
FIA F1 race#2 SaudiArabianGP- 100th PODIUM for Fernando.Alonso AstonMartin !
Tennis- WORLD n 1 again, Carlos Alcaraz ¡!
FIA F1 race #2 PODIUM WINNER Checo, Verstappen, Alonso ¡!
Feliz dia del Padre !
FIA F1 race#2 SaudiArabianGP-AstonMartin/ FrontRow Fernando !
FIA F1 season 2023, race #2: Saudi Arabian GP - Aston Martin / Fernando Alonso still FLYING, impressive Performance
-> New Sponsor SAUDI Air !
HighGoal Polo US - ICONIC 26goal Founders Cup, WPL - Team AUDI defends titel 5th year in a row!
Team AUDI - WPL, Founders Cup 23
Marc Ganzi, 1, Jeta Castagnola, 10, Nic Roldan, 8, Freddie Mannix, 7
FIA F1 season 2023, race #2: Saudi Arabian GP 19.3.2023 - Mercedes team fighting back, following desaster @ Bahrain GP
FIA F1 season 2023, Saudi Arabian GP - RedBull STRONG, Pole Position Checo ¡!
ARTS - Increasing Art market ASIA - ART BASEL Hong Kong kicks off !
FIA F1 2023, race#2 - Saudi ARABIAN GP, Night Race 19.3.!
FILM awards : 95th Oscar AWARDs: WINNER - Amazing MICHELLE YEOH in DIOR, @ Everything Everywhere All at Once
OSCARs 2023 champagne-colored red carpet style
Film Awards: 95th OSCARs 2023, WINNER amazing Indian Song.Naatu.Naatu RRR CONGRATULATIONS !
#Oscars95 #RRRforOscars #NaatuNaatuforOscars
ICONIC Sankt-Moritz: I.C.E. - Concours.d¨Elegance 2023 WINNER - Queens on Wheels - Bentley.S1.Continental.Drophead.Coupé.of.1958
THE I.C.E. Sankt Moritz 2023 - Concours.d¨Elegance - Les.Jeux.sont.fait 24-25.2.2023
FILM awards : 95th Oscars 2023: 4 Oscars fuer deutschen Anti KriegsFilm ¨All.quiet.on.the.Western.Front¨ ¡!
Grossartig, Glueckwunsch !!
FILM awards : 95th Oscar AWARD celebration ! Full.list of WINNER and.Nominees - Congratulations ¡!
FILM awards : 95th Oscars 2023: 7 / 11 Oscars for ¨Everything Everywhere all at Once`¡!
Congratulations !!
CAMPEÓN del Mundo ESPAÑOL: Luis.Domecq. POLO, 2022 !!
CAMPEÓN del Mundo ESPAÑOL: Nicolas.Alvarez POLO, 2022!!
F1 Season 2023: Enhorabuena CAMPEÓN.del.Mundo, Español Fernando.ALONSO Podium.GP.Bahrein ¡!
¡! Fernando.Alonso ha vuelto, que nunca se fue ¡!

CAMPEÓN del Mundo ESPAÑOL: Pelayo.Berazadi POLO..2022 !!
CAMPEÓN del Mundo ESPAÑOL: Tuki.Ruiz.Guinazu. POLO..2022 !!
US high goal Polo: Winner C.V. Whitney Cup 2023 team Valiente !
US high goal Polo: Winner C.V. Whitney Cup 2023 team Valiente ! (Bob.Jornayvaz, Luckitas.Criado, Peke.Gonzalez, Adolfo.Cambiaso)
US high goal Polo: Winner C.V. Whitney Cup 2023 team Valiente !
#Cambiaso vs #Pieres
MODE: Paris fashion Week, Grand Palais - CHANEL Prêt-à-porter Fall.Winter.2023.24
MODA: Paris Fahion Week 2023 - VALENTINO Black TIE show Fall.Winter.2023.24
ARTs: 42. ARCO Madrid cierra sus puertas - gran exito - 211 galerías de 36 países, más de 450 coleccionistas internacionales y 200 profesionales invitados de 40 países, mas presencia de Mujeres y Importantes Ventas. La Reina Leticia espectacular
Esculptura de Chillida, galería Carreras Múgica de Bilbao, 3,7 mio €, Obra mas valiosa de la feria
Polo HighGoal, US: Finals 26.2.23 - C.V. Whitney Cup, LIFE.TV. now, Valiente vs. Pilot
37th Americas Cup, BCN: French.TEAM renamed ORIENT. EXPRESS ¡!
Arts MODE: Haute Couture PARIS Dior.SS.2023
F1: 2023 Launch Oracle RedBull Racing
Arts MODE: Haute Couture PARIS Gaultier.SS.2023
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