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- The WORLD of NAANII GLOBAL Quality & Luxury Family Lifestyle ´en Vogue´ -  
- Influencer Marketing  -

International, intelligent and influential,  NAANII GLOBAL Luxury Family Lifestyle - Magazin 'en Vogue'-  is the world’s most important  Family,  business, Quality & Luxury family lifestyle magazine brand.
Since 2010, the NAANII GLOBAL Magazin  has attracted a sophisticated global audience,  young generation & Millenials  as well as the HNWI & Opinion Leader, by constantly pushing into new territories and ensuring that its coverage of everything from  Luxury and Quality Family Lifestyle Business  to sponsorship, travel to lifestyle, corporate hospitality, Sports Events, Arts and Education remains unrivalled.
They are the power brokers of international Polo, Motor racing, Sailing regattas, Art collectors,  from Polo Patrons and Club owner/Manager, Team Principals and driver managers to sponsorship heads, VIP’s and broadcaster CEOs. They are wealthy jet-setters, leading entrepreneurs and executives who own Polo teams & horses, Businesses, Art collections, drive stylish cars, own yachts and travel by private jets - with or without their families.
The global readership constitutes one of the best target audiences for luxury goods and services advertisers. Owning the best in fashion, arts, personal accessories, automobiles and property and giving top education to their kids  is a necessity for them.
Readers also form one of the most attractive audiences for travel advertisers, as they regularly travel to destinations around the world for both business and pleasure - Polo tournaments - F1 and Formula E races - Golf Tournaments - Art exhibitions and fairs -Sailing Regattas - Top Showjumping cross the globe -  Tennis matches - Fashion Shows - MotherNatureMatters & Eco Tourism - Top Business Conferences - etc.








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NAANII GLOBAL's  Digital Magazin 'en Vogue'  (publications cross platforms 360º, Social Media, Websites, Mobil, Smartphones, Tablets) holds the leading position in the top segment of Luxury Family Lifestyle globally, with an actual readership/audience/ global reach cross platformas  (social media and webs)  of average 7,0 mio PI per month (*data, statistics facebook+google analytics+linkedin+twitter, etc.) 07.2017- 02.2018), and  an increase to average 7,5 mio PI*  per month (* data, statistics facebook+google+linkedin etc. 6. 2018 - 1.2021) , + an important engagement rate of 22-25% (influence)  and a reach of clients / fans and  readers in 184 countries.

NAANII GLOBAL is an exceptional forum to stay connected with almost daily up-to-date informative articles and stunning pictures about the Formula One world, the international POLO scene, international Sailing regattas, best Fashion Shows and Parties,  outstanding  modern Art exhibitions and fairs, outstanding luxury family friendly Resorts and Design Hotels globally, GOLF tournaments, Outstanding Ski and Winter Events, Charity initiatives, Gourmet experiences, Education and top clinics and summer schools,  etc.

NAANII GLOBAL Luxury Family Lifestyle MAGAZIN 'en Vogue'  offers the perfect platform to present your exclusive event, brand, service or company.

With an advertising you will increase your visibility and  reach cross platforms (webs/ socialmedia / Linkedin etc.) (average data 7.2017-2. 2018:  > 5,74 mio  unique users  increased to average  : >6,5 mio (6.2019 - 1.2021) ('alcance total numero de personas) interested  in  NAANII GLOBALs Jet-set Lifestyle, F1, Polo, Golf, Sailing, Arts, Ski & Snow, Quality Family Lifestyle, Travel, Gourmet, Tourism, Events, Education, Glamour, Luxury, Business Empowernment, Fashion and Charity, TECH etc.

*****Key facts, demographics, Circulation / Traffic Information NAANII GLOBAL  Magazin 'en Vogue' *****

- NAANII GLOBAL readership: Quality and Quantity globally
- NAANII GLOBAL Communication Channels:,, naanii global facebook, naanii global twitter, naanii global linkedin,..

- Digital Readership, Web and Social Media Naanii Global stats
(webs and  + NG Facebook page + Linkedin page  + Naanii Global Instagram + Naanii Global twitter + Wikipedia links, etc.):
Average DATA: 6.2018 .- 1.2021:
*  >7,5 mio  page Impressions, total reach cross platforms, 'impressiones contenido/página per month; Número de impresiones vistas de cada contenido asociado a la página NAANII GLOBAL . (Número total)'.
*  > 6,5 mio  unique  users, 'alcance total numero de personas', cross platforms 360º (Facebook+Linkedin+3Webs+Instagram + Twitter+Wikipedia)
*  Social Media engagement: 21-25% total  engagement - interactions with Naanii Global (ìnfluence')
*  Linkedin stats:  minimum 5.060 direct contacts + 1050 followers: Global UHNWI, HNWI, opinion Leader, Manager, Business Leader and  CEOs
*  Facebook  & Twitter & Instagram  stats: ca. >  fans + 21.500  seguidores:

Millenials, global Polo + Sailing + F1  + Gourmet + Arts + Golf communities, families, Tech, Business Empowerment, youth and quality family lifestyle enthousiast, UHNWI and  HNWI.

- Global distribution: 184 countries (North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Oceania).
* Demographics by regions: Latin America  25%, EU 35%,  USA/Caribbean/Canada  14%, Asia: 14%, Middle East 5%, Africa: 8%
* Demographics by ages and sex: allover 40% female, 60%male  
--> (variations readership demographics  are related to the Content: Polo + F1 related  content: 10% female, 90% male; Arts & Gourmet & Sailing &  related content: 40% female, 60% male; Golf & Wine related content: 20% female, 80% male).

- Language coverage: Publications in up to  four languages (spanish, english, german, french)
- Frequency: Average of 15 articles /month published

Example impact Social Media Publications - NaaniiGlobal Facebook   06.2020:
(content: Polo, Showjumping, Sailing, Gourmet, F1, Education online Universities (Harvard IE etc.)

ejemplos - examples
2019 / 2020
different content = adapted  demographics and client segments
'top digital influencer' = high engagement rate Social Media 360º cross platforma publications NAANII GLOBAL Lux Lifestyle Magazin 'en Vogue'-




Naanii Global  digital -Magazin 'en Vogue'-   =  - 'Top influencer (+70 = Top 1%)'  -
global digital impact of publications and posts  at NAANII Global digital -Magazin 'en Vogue'- .
(Klout Score +72-75)   
Data Source: Klout score  3.2017; Google Analytics, Linkedin, Facebook, average 12.2017
Engagement Data Okt. 2018: 10.000 - 40.000 readers within 24 hours following articles published and  engagement/feedback ex.: up to 2.000-4.000 likes/publication,



*****Prices, Formats, Advertising*****

A)  Digital -Magazin 'en Vogue'- NAANII GLOBAL Luxury Family Lifestyle   360º cross platforms:,,,  + Social media channels (
Linkedin/ Instagram/ Facebook/ Twitter/ Wikipedia/ Telegram) ; sections: Polo / Golf / Sailing / Showjumping / Arts / Gourmet & Wine / Tech & Innovation / Family / Tourism Deluxe / F1 & Classic Cars / Kitesurf / Education & top schools); german / english / french / spanish
Readership / Audienace / global reach -> UHNWI / HNWI / Opinion Leader  Quality & Quantity  globally

Order form - Formulario de Pedido

Payments possible in   US$  and €   and  NEW Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Naanii Global coins (AAAG), etc.).

Advertising 10.000€ minimum order
Overview  prices /  Resumen Precios / mes / month  or  per  CPM ( 70€ - 120€)

- 1) Cover, Top Banner: 4990€/month  (120€ CPM)  (incl. publications cross platforms 360º)
- 2) Articles, Top Banner: 2950€/month/category

- 3) Single Page VISUALS, Direct Marketing (Category): 1.495€ /month (1.695 $US)
- 4) Leader board (Category, 728x90, Top Banner): 995€ / month. (1.100 $US)
- 5) Page pale: 795€ / month. (880 $US)
- 6) Rectangle (Magazin, small-medium-large ): starting at 795€ / month. (880 $US)
- 7) Advertorial / Publireportaje / Sponsored Content (Magazin 3 webs +  3 socialmedia channels):  1.500€ - 5.000€ - 10.000€
- 8) Rectangle (Cover, small-medium-large): starting at 1.300€ / month.
- 9) Rectangle (Category, 300x250): 500€ / month.
-10) Paid Content INSTAGRAM : 5.000€ / post

B)  Media & Marketing packages
- 8) Event PR Packages: 500€ - 10.000€ / event. (550 $US - 11.000 $US)
- 9) Special Season and  industry  'visibility' & marketing offers: tbd.
- 10) Sponsored Posts /  Influencer Marketing: tbd.

C) other related NAANII GLOBAL, KJA  Services

- 11) Translations (german-english-spanish-french): tbd.

- 12) Consultancy, NAANII GLOBAL International Management Consultancy:   
standard rates:  2.500€ / day; 250-400€/hour; monthly flatfees tbd.
+ expenses

Press & Media Agency Services  HERE

- 13) NAANII Global fotoART Fotoservice:   tbd.  
standard commercial use:
standard private use:  (download - high res, 20-50€/ picture)

- 14) NAANII Global TECH - blockchain, Fidelity Token/Crypto AAAG    nAAAGlobal(AAAG)  available at official decentralized blockchain  WAVES.EXCHANGE,   BIT2ME, Kraken etc. coming soon.

Payment  Naanii Global Serices & Products with AAAG fidelity Token = 20% discount.

Prices /  Pairs available:     average rate 3.1.2021  1 AAAG = 28 US $;    

nAAAGlobal (AAAG) pairs:

$ USA, nAAAGlobal (AAAG) /   USDN

Brazil, nAAAGlobal (AAAG) / BRLN

China, nAAAGlobal (AAAG) / CNYN

Europe, nAAAGlobal (AAAG) / EURN

UK, nAAAGlobal (AAAG) / GBPN

Japan, nAAAGlobal (AAAG) / JPYN


Russia, nAAAGlobal (AAAG) / RUBN

nAAAGlobal (AAAG) / XMR

nAAAGlobal (AAAG) / BTC

nAAAGlobal (AAAG) / ETH

nAAAGlobal (AAAG) / LTC


Be a part of an exclusive group of partners, clients, brands  and event organisers from around the world,  reaching worlds  most influential and affluent  Quality  Family Lifestyle consumers !      - NAANII GLOBAL Luxury Family Lifestyle -Magazin 'en Vogue'-

MEDIA KIT REQUEST FORM:                        

To receive our detailed media kit which includes information from our circulation and demographic audits, please send an E-Mail to
Please note: We only offer access to official company domains. We do not offer access to Hotmail or Yahoo, Gmail or other free email accounts.


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