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Cruise + Yachting: Maiden voyage - Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection superyacht EVRIMA - 15.10.22: Barcelona to Rome

Published by NAANII GLOBAL + Ritz Carlton Com Team in TOP yachting, cruises, cruzeros · 15/10/2022 16:47:00
Tags: Evrima;RitzCarltonSuperyacht;MaidenVoyage15.10.22;Michelinstarredrestaurant



Ritz-Carlton Superyacht is on the verge of maiden voyage !


The highly anticipated debut of The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection has arrived, as Evrima is now sailing for the world’s yachting playgrounds. Discover an exceptional new way to travel while enjoying the legendary service and luxurious amenities aboard this elegant yacht.
Take in the view from your private terrace as you drop anchor off a celebrated shoreline or island hideaway, and head aft to Evrima’s Marina for a refreshing swim in the turquoise sea before exploring ashore. Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection is finally ready to debut its first ship, EVRIMA.


The 298-passenger Evrima, originally due out in 2020, when the Pandemic started, is now finally scheduled to sail its maiden voyage today on Oct. 15 2022 from Barcelona to Rome.

The superyacht-inspired ship will sail in the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Central America and South America.

Evrima, which translates from Greek to "discovery," will offer a menu of spa treatments and amenities, including a sauna and steam room; watersports from the yacht's marina; and an infinity pool.

Dining options will include a specialty dining experience designed by Sven Elverfeld, head chef of Aqua, a restaurant at the Ritz-Carlton Wolfsburg in Germany. Aqua has three Michelin stars.

The Evrima construction in Spain has been delayed multiple times, initially due to shipyard issues then pandemic-related labor shortages and supply chain issues.

Ritz-Carlton yacht Collection already announced growth in march 2022, with additional two sustainable  Superyachts to be build in France, shipyard Chantier de l¨Atlantique, to set sail in 2024 and 2025.

Fotos: Copyright Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection, all rights reserved

Blue Economy: New Design partnership Andorra / Lituania set to electrify inland waterway transport

Published by NAANII GLOBAL + WBE Ship and Offshore in TOP yachting, cruises, cruzeros · 14/10/2022 16:32:26
Tags: BlueEconomy;Shipbuilding;26mlongElectricEeldesignAndorraAKYWBE

Tech/Innovation/Blue Economy: Erfolgreiche Jubilaeumsausgabe - 30th SMM Hamburg ¨ Driving the maritime Transition ¨ 5.-9.9.2022 mit mehr als 30.000 Fachbesuchern aus ueber 100 Laendern und 2000 Aussteller.

Published by NAANII GLOBAL + SMM com team in TOP yachting, cruises, cruzeros · 9/9/2022 19:51:17
Tags: 30thSMMHamburg;MaritimeTradefair;DrivingtheMaritimeTransition;Digitalisierung;Innovation;MaritimeTradeFairHamburg;KreuzfahrtbranchewiederaufKurs.

Blue Economy: SMM 6.-9.9.2022 Hamburg is driving the maritim transition. Meerestechnik: maritime Energiewende, die digitale Transformation und der Klimawandel im Fokus 2022 ¡!

Published by NAANII GLOBAL + SMM com team in TOP yachting, cruises, cruzeros · 19/8/2022 12:12:01
Tags: Maritimtransition;Blueeconomy;SMMmesseFachkonferenzHamburg2022;

CRUISE: The Ritz-Carlton yacht Collection sets sails 2022 and announced additional growth, introdusing newbuild sustainable superyachts ILMA + LUMNARA

Published by NAANII GLOBAL + Ritz - Carlton Yacht collection com team in TOP yachting, cruises, cruzeros · 18/3/2022 17:03:53
Tags: SuperyachtsSustainable;RitzCarltonSuperyachtsEVRIMA;ILMA;LUMINARA;NGcruise;Sustainable;Chantiersdel’Atlantique
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