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Sailing-Segeln-Vela-Voile: RaceForTheFurture SailGP season III 2022/23 kick`s off at BERLUDAS 14/15.5. ! 10 Nations - 10 Teams - top Technology - top Sailor - top Sport & Lifestyle - RaceForTheFuture - Clean Oceans

Published by NAANII GLOBAL & RedBull com Team in Segeln-Sailing-Vela-Voile · 11/5/2022 09:58:53
Tags: SailGP;2022/23;RaceForTheFuture;cleanenergy;RusselCoutts;NGsailing;NaaniiGlobal;VIPs;Bermudas;Singapore;Cadiz;SaintTropez;Dubai;Australia;USAUKSpain;Denmark;

Sailing and Entrepreneur legend  Sir Russel Coutts`s   SailGP kick s off an impressive III rd Season 2022/23  at Bermuda  this weekend   14.-15.5. 2022 !

- F50 flying catamarans - 100km/h - 10 Teams - 10 top venues cross the Globe - World s Best Sailor - purpose:  `Race for the Future` soustainability  -  clean Oceans - NatureMatters - clean energy

10  top SailGP Teams
AUSTRALIA, CEO and Driver: Tom Slingsby
CANADA, CEO and Driver: Phil Robertson
DINAMARCA, Driver: Nicolei Sehested
FRANCIA Driver: Quentin de la Pierre
GRAN BRETAÑA: CEO and Driver: Ben Ainslie
JAPÓN. CEO and Driver: Nathan Outteridge
NUEVA ZELANDA Co-CEO and Driver: Perter Burling; Co-CEO and Wing Trimmer: Blair Tuke
ESPAÑA Driver: Jordi Xammar
SUIZA Driver: Sebastien Schneiter  
ESTADOS UNIDOS CEO & Driver: Jimmy Spithill

- Sail GP season III, 2022 / 23  - 10  Teams - 10 tope Venues cross the Globe - Worlds top Sailor -  the F1 of sailing , flying catamarans above the water, mission: `RaceToTheFuture cleanOceans`

- SailGP is different from other global sailing series as the F50 catamarans fly above the water at speeds approaching 100kph with the athletes onboard just a split-second away from it all going wrong.

- The sailors perform on the edge of chaos and - when the boat is fully-loaded - it generates incredible G-force, hitting around 3Gs as the boat turns at speed which is the same as an astronaut experiences during a rocket launch and enough to deprive an untrained adult brain of oxygen.

- The first SailGP season I saw Tom Slingsby's Australian team edge out Nathan Outteridge's Japanese boat with the duo repeating the result last season as Spithill's American boat ended close behind in third.

- Last season II was full of drama thanks to smashed up boats, capsizes and unidentified floating objects with the United States SailGP Team initially looking to avoid the Bermuda turmoil from last time out when they were completely wiped out by the Japan boat to finish in last place.

- They will also be hoping that there will be no replication of the underwater object that cost them victory in Italy and capsize in front of the Golden Gate Bridge during training for the Grand Final.

- After missing out at the the winner-takes-all Grand Final in San Francisco, the two-time America's Cup winning captain has brought in Flight Controller Hans Henken to try and clinch the coveted title.

- The Flight Controller is crucial to the success of the enterprise as they manipulate the angles and elevations of the right and left hydrofoils which are located between the bow and the stern.

- Success and failure is a thin line in SailGP competition with the risk of sailing the catamaran higher for faster speeds also putting it in more danger of a nosedive that could end their race.

- Outside of the Flight Controller, the Driver, Wing Trimmer and Grinders make up the crew with SailGP wings made from carbon fibre using titanium fittings under a light plastic wrap.

- Racing happens on windward (upwind) and leeward (downwind) courses with the final course to be sailed designated by the race committee no later than five minutes before the fleet's moving start.

- Events take place across two days, with the first day including three fleet races and the second day taking on the other two fleet races and ending with The Final where the cumulative points are awarded.

- In terms of penalties, the umpires use high-tech tracking technology to dish them out with penalised boats having to slow down until they are 20 metres behind the other boats involved in the incident.

- Whoever ends up winning the opening BermudaSGP this weekend, the season still has nine more breathtaking stops around the world with the USA bringing the third season to a close again on May 6-7, 2023.

SailGP 2022/2023 calendar
• Bermuda SGP: May 14-15, 2022
• United States, Chicago SGP: June 18-19, 2022
• Great Britain, Plymouth SGP: July 30-31, 2022
• Denmark, Copenhagen SGP: August 19-20, 2022
• France, Saint Tropez SGP: September 10-11, 2022
• Spain, Andalucia Cadiz SGP: September 24-25, 2022
• Dubai SGP: November 12-13, 2022
• Singapore SGP: Jan 14-15, 2023
• New Zealand, Christchurch SGP: March 18-19, 2023
• United States, Chicago SGP: May 6-7, 2023

INFO/ Videos: HERE
Fotos: Copyright  fotoARTs K J ALTMANN (kickOff SailGP2019 Madrid;  RedBull Content & Sail team all rights reserved
INFO: NaaniiGlobal 2022  Sailing Regatta Calendar

Sailing - Vela - Segeln - Voile: SailGP Event #1, 2020: SYDNEY 28.-29.2.2020 - 1. day: leading Team UK Sir Ben Ainslie all 3 races; Team Spain finished 5th after crash with Team France

Published by Naanii Global Team and SailGP Com Team in Segeln-Sailing-Vela-Voile · 28/2/2020 15:56:10
Tags: SailGP2020;Sydney;SirBenAisnlie;TeamUK;Japan;Australia;USA;Spain;Denmark;France

F1 2019 - race#1 - Melbourne AUSTRALIA - great event, 324.000 spectators and an amazing result: Congratulations Max, Lewis and winner Valtteri Bottas !

Published by NAANII GLOBAL and F1 Team Journalists in Motorsport 2019, F1, Fe, LeMans 24h,.. · 17/3/2019 14:57:30
Tags: F1;RedBull;MaxVerstappen;Mercedes;Ferrari;RobertKubica;CarlosSainz;Australia;Melbourne;Lifestyle;Qualitytime;placetobe;Winelovers;Champagne;EventManagement

F1 2019 - race#1 - Melbourne, ROLEX Australian Formula 1 GrandPrix - 15.-17.3. - the place to be - !

Published by NAANII GLOBAL and F1 Team Journalists in Motorsport 2019, F1, Fe, LeMans 24h,.. · 14/3/2019 13:30:12
Tags: F1;2019;race#1;Australia;Melbourne;Mercedes;Ferrari;AstonMartinRedBull;FIA;Rolex;

Lots of NEWS and innovations in 2018 F1 Season, new cars, new F1 Logo, new time schedule and NEW: F1 GRID KIDs ! 'their energy is infectious, so it’s been a lot of fun !', Daniel Ricchiardo - Aston Martin Red Bull Racing met with first ever F1 Grid kids and some of the BEST Australian Karting driver and potential future F1 Racing stars.

Published by Journalists RedBull and Naanii Global Team in Motorsport 2013-2018 Formula 1, etc · 21/3/2018 16:28:08
Tags: FirsteverGRIDKidsAustralia;F1;Season2018;DanielRicchiardo;AstonMartinRedBullRacing
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